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secret 7.

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psychedelic malmo.

big big love for the exhibition entitled mindblowing! at the malmo form/design centre on til jan 29th ( :

vyner street pt2.

some random examples of an exhibition in a gallery space on vyner street. vyner street galleries open their doors every first thursday of the month (www.themillcoproject.co.uk/portfolio/first-thursday/). winter brought a different atmosphere to the monthly event but it was still as busy in the spaces and through the street. images above are from a particular dominator/submissive exhibition (www.helengorrill.com) where the women are beautifully painted with bright inks on large scale wall hangings, and men were on the floor so you can “walk all over them”. other strange items in the room included a garment with embroidered and beaded womens private parts. some other key artists and art firms that feature their work are the websites below. james x: http://www.farcryproductions.weebly.com   http://www.nettiehorn.com   http://www.beerslambert.com    http://www.florenceboyd.com