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hotel notre dame saint michel.

dream of a hotel with the notre dame right outside my window <3 designed by Christian Lacroix this boutique hotel is in a great location too.

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dries van noten exhibition.

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cool exhibition at the pompidou in the heart of paris, the exhibition shows indian society through the eyes of french and indian artists. there were over 50 parts by different artists in the exhibition, these were my favs ( : paris-delhi-bombay is on til next monday so better get your skates on! ( :

le tourist attraction.

cant say they arent beauts ( : ahhh take me back..

parisienne finds pt ||.


le footsteps of amelie poulain <3

hipstamatic styleee..

the first image is of the metro station lamarck-caulaincourt, which is where amélie leads a blind man through the streets & leaves him at the bottom of the steps.. next is une allee where amélie sometimes walked down to have a good ol day dream. my next picture is irrelevant to amélie however it is aparantly one of the oldest cinemas in paris, and just round the corner from this is moulin radet that used to be one of 40 apparently.. ‘bateau-lavoir’ is where cubism was developed!? the original place was burnt down and then this is the rebuilt job which is still used as a studio for artists. apres ca we have memorabilia below amélie’s apartment and the side of the grocery stall where miss poulain buys her trois hazelnuts and an artichoke! the front of the stall is kept the same as from the movie and the shop keeper was the nicest guy ever who said he loves the attention! ( : my fav stop on the tour has to be le café des deux moulins! cafés aux lait, huge pots of thé and une yummy crème brûlée! lots of cute memorabilia inside. obviously its not exactly the same as in the film; little details like the toilet at the back of the café in the movie is now the kitchen, there is no glass separator where amélie stands behind nino and writes the ‘menu du jour’, & in the film georgette runs the tobacco section that is non-existant…… not that im being picky at all! ( : i should add also that the staff are really friendly in there too! after the café we walked up past a small vinyard and onto rue saint vincent which is where the film begins “on september 3rd 6:28pm and 32 seconds a blue fruitfly, capable of 14,670 wingbats per minute, landed on the rue saint vincent in montmartre”, which leads round to the fabulous sacre coeur cathedral which is the backdrop to the scene which nino follows blue arrows up to a telescope which is pointing at amelie leaving his photo collection. to finish the tour we visited the station that nino put up numerous “ou et quand?” posters on the line 6 station of la motte-picqet-grenelle avec mon ami james ( : (..who lives in paris lucky git!)

this link is all you will need! ::: ::: i also liked how he puts in random little facts about artists, poets, and other interesting facts within the history of montmartre. i think we only managed to get the tinyest bit lost once and even then it was easy to find our way back with the little map provided. we also had the best tour guide taking us round which was an added bonus ( : ( : ( :

amélie collaged.

illustrated frames from one of my favourite films amelie.  created for my elective of visualisation and illustration. a combination of biro, collage and watercolours. i also hand bound the book that the images are within