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happyness ( :

alexandra palace in spring.



love love love spring ( :

the world fades away.

( : ( : ( :

some peachy fleurs.

some pretty flowers from my parent’s garden ( :

botaniska trädgård.

botan revisited on a gloriously sunny day in lund. which was unfortunately also the day that i had to depart from scandinavia across the seas back to england. lots of pics to get some inspiration flowing for new designs ( :

sanna annukka.

scandinavian sanna annukka is a self employed designer as well as a designer for marimekko. her strong colour combinations used with nature inspired imagery and puzzle like structure is lovely and very inspiring..

see more at:

peterborough summer festival.

every year peterborough central park hosts the summer festival to bring the community together. there were lots of little stands with shops, information, and freebies ( : as well as large music stages and tents with groups from different religions, and societies. another large aspect of the event is to inspire the artist inside you with artists on site as actors, comedians, painters, etc. nice that the weather held out too ( :

take a ride on my swing carousel..

its a beaut! ( :

alex fergus.

Untitled from Alex Fergus on Vimeo.

amaze-ing! i love the cute papercuts combined with the realness of everyday life that are common themes through a lot of alex’s work.  miss fergus’s fmp work are animations based on proverbs linked with animals but you have to come to our show to see them!

visit us in just over a week on blenheim walk between the 18th and 24th of June ( :

……..if you cant wait that long some sneak peaks of alex’s work can be found on her vimeo at:

reactively inking up silk twill..

on the digital printers. these prints are samples that go alongside my dresses within my fmp collection. once printed, the colours on the twill are slightly faded. the fabrics are then left to dry for around 8 hours or overnight and then steamed in a steamer -that looks like a torture weapon inside!…. after 30 mins in the steamer the colours are realised to reveal my beautiful brights! ( : after washing by hand or in the machine the coating of the fabric is removed and i am left with lovely saturated floaty samples on silk twill ( :