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anna sui s/s 2012.

anna you seize to amaze <3 from the gorgeous colours, to the quirky conversationals, to the romantic classic shapes and engaging all over floral repeats ( : & check the cute butterflies on the tigths in the last pic ( : !

photos from


sanna annukka.

scandinavian sanna annukka is a self employed designer as well as a designer for marimekko. her strong colour combinations used with nature inspired imagery and puzzle like structure is lovely and very inspiring..

see more at:

marie claire bridges

bridges uses nature as an inspiration much like myself, her designs are quite focussed with the use of floral motifs and geometrics. i also really love her colour choices and combinations.


of some of my show (  : teehee

reactively inking up silk twill..

on the digital printers. these prints are samples that go alongside my dresses within my fmp collection. once printed, the colours on the twill are slightly faded. the fabrics are then left to dry for around 8 hours or overnight and then steamed in a steamer -that looks like a torture weapon inside!…. after 30 mins in the steamer the colours are realised to reveal my beautiful brights! ( : after washing by hand or in the machine the coating of the fabric is removed and i am left with lovely saturated floaty samples on silk twill ( :

dries van noten s/s 08.

dries van noten is an example of a designer who uses different patterns together within high fashion garments in his collections as shown above. he also uses different cultures to inspire him, which i think is very similar to my work and his designs are something for me to aspire to.. ( :


secret sneaky glimpse of me wearing one of my dresses made for my final show.. to see the dress in full and its two sisters come to the leeds college of art degree show between the 18th and 24th of june, alternatively i will also be exhibiting at new designers in islington, london between the 29th of june and the 2nd of july.

early progression..

some sneak previews of some of my first samples for my fmp. drawings and illustrator geometrics combined on photoshop..digitally printed onto silk twill and then worked into with inks and stitch. i like this unusual combination and i feel the prints would work great as placement prints on long t-shirt dresses ( :

anna sui a/w 2011.

always been a big fan of the ms.sui. this collection’s main influences are folklore, fantasy,social history, and nonconformist glamour. the geometric patterning and someof the smock dress shapes remind me of my own collections, love love love the purples and in particular the last two garments ( :

archive:prada s/s 2008

this is an old collection from prada for s/s 2008 which is incredibly inspiring for my fmp design work. prada’s inspiration was described as ‘late 60s, early 70s, art nouveau-ish tripping off into the kind of tendrilly doodles girls used to scrawl on their bedroom walls after studying their hippie-romantic rock album covers’ – lots of silks and placement prints as well as some interesting ways of placing geometrics on a garment, the colour palette is really amazing too! ( : ..the lilacy blue is similar to one of my own colours in one of my collections, but other than this, the colours are very different to mine. the last two outfits are in two of my favourite colours & the shape of the garments are so fluid and delicate that i am particularly in love with these  ..especially the shoesies! ( :