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denmark design museum.

lots of fun things to see including my previous post on typewriters ( :


<3 miu miu a/w 2005.

can someone please find and buy me this beautiful coat? the colour, shape, and detailing seems like it was made for me! nearly time for it too.. summer seems to have officially gone ) : .. although i hope this is not true as im still to go on my holidays to the south of sweden and paris.


studio legohead.

the cutest illustrations of doggys ever! i really really want one of my lovely doggy blake ( : wonder what treats illustrator jo chambers would add to his everyday outfit of his beautiful orange, brown, white, and now grey coat. chambers creates her unique gifts with drawing, inking, painting, collaging and stitching.

for more go to

early progression..

some sneak previews of some of my first samples for my fmp. drawings and illustrator geometrics combined on photoshop..digitally printed onto silk twill and then worked into with inks and stitch. i like this unusual combination and i feel the prints would work great as placement prints on long t-shirt dresses ( :

wgsn vintage folk pattern swedish knit inspiration.

similar to some of my finds in kulturen, lund, a small selection of the imagery on an inspiration page from wgsn which shows unique and authentic patterning that inspires my pattern work in my designs.

final major project concept board.

sneaky peak into my fmp with 1/3 of my concept boards. lots of nature continued through from the last project as always. with lots of vibrant inkyness and geometric patterns inspired by polish wycinanki (paper cuts). to come very soon: embroidery.. happy friday ( :

pretty vintage shoesies.

some interesting antique finds at the birmingham museum and art gallery.. i particularly like the yellow printed pumps and the detailing in beading and tapestry in the others ( :

more embroidery..

small sections of embroidery from my sample pieces for my last project.. sorry about the fabric ripples! the silk bamboo was dyed/dip dyed with cochineal. this fabric was then kiss cut on a laser cutter then i worked into them with a bit of stitch ( :


a few examples of some practice embroideries from my last project. i really like the simple line stitches with fades into different colours and how they compare to actually filling with the thread. i had not done embroidery since i was a little girl so it was quite fun to get into it again and experiment with different stitches. the colours of threads are from my projects colour pallete. ( :