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reactively inking up silk twill..

on the digital printers. these prints are samples that go alongside my dresses within my fmp collection. once printed, the colours on the twill are slightly faded. the fabrics are then left to dry for around 8 hours or overnight and then steamed in a steamer -that looks like a torture weapon inside!…. after 30 mins in the steamer the colours are realised to reveal my beautiful brights! ( : after washing by hand or in the machine the coating of the fabric is removed and i am left with lovely saturated floaty samples on silk twill ( :


sneaky peak..

..of some digi printing on tuesday. this design will be used to make one of my garments for my final show. i will then have the horrible task of choosing just one to take to new designers in london at the end of june. im hoping that they all turn out really well and it makes it a hard decision! ..fingers crossed ( :