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luckkey lounge.

from dutch designer group t&nok who are theme bannenberg & nok snel. their collection for saatchi came together with an obessesion for office equipment.i love the unusualness of it all and the way in which the whole room is coated in computer keys not just a small part..must have taken them aaages!

see more from there here:

( :


reactively inking up silk twill..

on the digital printers. these prints are samples that go alongside my dresses within my fmp collection. once printed, the colours on the twill are slightly faded. the fabrics are then left to dry for around 8 hours or overnight and then steamed in a steamer -that looks like a torture weapon inside!…. after 30 mins in the steamer the colours are realised to reveal my beautiful brights! ( : after washing by hand or in the machine the coating of the fabric is removed and i am left with lovely saturated floaty samples on silk twill ( :

early progression..

some sneak previews of some of my first samples for my fmp. drawings and illustrator geometrics combined on photoshop..digitally printed onto silk twill and then worked into with inks and stitch. i like this unusual combination and i feel the prints would work great as placement prints on long t-shirt dresses ( :

art nouveau amsterdam.

really enjoying drawing something other than florals, although it cant be said that these building arent without their unique and nature inspired detailing. to be continued….

bloemenmarkt amsterdam.

beautiful bloemen ( :

a second helping of amsterdam.

a sneaky last minute decision for a quick trip to holland with my friend hannah. i love how quickly you can be in another country that is so so different to where you were in the morning. admittedly we got very very lost!.. but in the end it was a good thing as we saw lots of lovely things and lovely places that we wouldnt have seen if we knew how to read the ten maps we had with us ( :