the anna sui adoration continues.

Anna_Sui_AW1415_021.jpg.rendition.medium Anna_Sui_AW1415_027.jpg.rendition.medium Anna_Sui_AW1415_033.jpg.image.W0N0E333S500.jpg.rendition.medium Anna_Sui_AW1415_034.jpg.rendition.medium Anna_Sui_AW1415_042.jpg.image.W0N0E333S500.jpg.rendition.medium Anna_Sui_AW1415_048.jpg.rendition.medium Anna_Sui_AW1415_062.jpg.rendition.medium Anna_Sui_AW1415_067.jpg.rendition.medium


always one of my favourites from the shows. the colours mixed with the geos and florals and layering with knits too <3 oh and the shoes! amazing shoes! aw14 really really beautiful .


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