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hello, my name is paul smith.

hello, my name is paul smith. IMG_6197 IMG_6252 IMG_6207 IMG_6221 IMG_6226 IMG_6253 IMG_6238



really inspirational trip to the design museum for the long awaited paul smith exhibition. although quite small it was an amazing insight into how paul started out in such a small (3m x 3m!) shop. now his work is very recognisable all over the world. being involved in the shirt world myself with Hawes and Curtis it was interesting to see just how different a design office can be! much worth the visit.

meet 500 years of british art




tony cragg stack 1975, bill woodrow elephant 1984


IMG_5943 IMG_5944 IMG_5935 IMG_5932couple of sneaks pics from the beautiful pearls exhibition at the v&a. and a trip to my favourite cafe ( :


jameel prize.


v&a jameel prize winner this year is : ‘Istanbul Contrast’ by Dice Kayek. i quite liked the rug going from traditional to modern patterning by Faig Ahmed