Monthly Archives: October 2011

the power of making.

the v&a’s exhibition is a must see for london livers and trip goers. from traditional methods and techniques of making that are passed down such as making a dry stone wall, to colouring eggs with a robot made for this purpose. Above are a few of my favourites from the exhibition. from the top.. a gorilla made from wire coat hangers, sculpted pencils (, a dress made from pins, heart shirt (, dress made from tape, and finally the egg decorater bot (  Another fav were a pair of traditional polish lace underwear made in the town of koniakow (

this freebie exhibition is on until 2 January 2012. for details check out their website:



london design week.

un weekend passe… dans covent garden une jardin made from lego with living plants. dans le v&a en south kensington. un arch, paper making art and strange questions with answers.

need a new do..

..and mulberry shall be my inspiration. (soon as someone discovers a way to make my hair grow super long and have mega volume)

colour however i can do ( : although i cant decide which.

amazing catwalk btw mulbs, the look in the top image is my fav, combined with the elegant shapes and  colours throughout

london fields on the last sunny day of 2011.

teehee ( :