Monthly Archives: August 2011

sealed with a padlock.


a sunny day in the french capital ( :

new day new buttons.


mini fix it project accompanied by miss kidston ( :

canon a-1.

apparently this will be me in paris next week.. ( :

loose your way with carven.

amazing from top to toe. would love some cute shoesies like these but i have a feeling they would not filter down so well to the high street ) : wouldnt mind one of these dresses for my trip to paris next week s’il vous plait

miu miu resort 2012.

prada you little genius. yea please to all the above, especially that 80’s esque vibrant blue number at the bottom .. <3

david hockney on an ipad.

an unusual exhibition to say the least. but hockney invites the use of the ipad for drawing and painting. i think its a good idea and will get a lot more people tapping into their creative side. photos taken at the current exhibition in the louisiana moma, denmark

botaniska trädgård.

botan revisited on a gloriously sunny day in lund. which was unfortunately also the day that i had to depart from scandinavia across the seas back to england. lots of pics to get some inspiration flowing for new designs ( :

copenhagen time.

lovely place copenhagen, i would quite like to live there for a while. seemed to be lots going on.. not to mention all the amazing shops!! ( :

jean dubuffet.

dubuffet’s work can be seen from and inbetween new york to denmark to paris. his large scale sculptures made my big bro think of them as 3d doodles which i think is an excellent way of describing dubuffet’s works. i cant say they were really my thing, but they were pretty cool! the exhibition is on an the museum of sketches (skissernas museum) in lund which has some final sculptures, development works and lots of photos ( :

a day in ystad..

lovely sunny day in the vintage-esque swedish town of ystad. including walks down cobbled paths, fika time (coffee and yummy cake), kitschy (but pricey) shops and some galleries.. particular favourites were michael johansson (the lets pack everything into a tight space perfectly), gerhard wihlborg, greta sandberg & jennifer saxell (the colourful paintings inspired by her own song writing)