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iiiiits showtime..

some photos take at my degree show. the responses so far have been fantastic and i’m looking forward to exhibiting in london at new designers even more so next week.

thankyou for photography by ( :


of some of my show (  : teehee

studio legohead.

the cutest illustrations of doggys ever! i really really want one of my lovely doggy blake ( : wonder what treats illustrator jo chambers would add to his everyday outfit of his beautiful orange, brown, white, and now grey coat. chambers creates her unique gifts with drawing, inking, painting, collaging and stitching.

for more go to

leeds metropolitan: creative arts festival

quick trip to leeds met last night for their opening night of their degree shows. some intelligent, some beautiful, some strange, and some just scary! their doors are open til the 15th of june.

alex fergus.

Untitled from Alex Fergus on Vimeo.

amaze-ing! i love the cute papercuts combined with the realness of everyday life that are common themes through a lot of alex’s work.  miss fergus’s fmp work are animations based on proverbs linked with animals but you have to come to our show to see them!

visit us in just over a week on blenheim walk between the 18th and 24th of June ( :

……..if you cant wait that long some sneak peaks of alex’s work can be found on her vimeo at:

reactively inking up silk twill..

on the digital printers. these prints are samples that go alongside my dresses within my fmp collection. once printed, the colours on the twill are slightly faded. the fabrics are then left to dry for around 8 hours or overnight and then steamed in a steamer -that looks like a torture weapon inside!…. after 30 mins in the steamer the colours are realised to reveal my beautiful brights! ( : after washing by hand or in the machine the coating of the fabric is removed and i am left with lovely saturated floaty samples on silk twill ( :

dries van noten s/s 08.

dries van noten is an example of a designer who uses different patterns together within high fashion garments in his collections as shown above. he also uses different cultures to inspire him, which i think is very similar to my work and his designs are something for me to aspire to.. ( :