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early progression..

some sneak previews of some of my first samples for my fmp. drawings and illustrator geometrics combined on photoshop..digitally printed onto silk twill and then worked into with inks and stitch. i like this unusual combination and i feel the prints would work great as placement prints on long t-shirt dresses ( :

happy easter ( :

hope your days are filled with lots of sunshine and chocolate, but preferably not together …messy ( :

chloé a/w 2011.

some of my favourites from chloé’s a/w collection for the end of this year. the colours and styling remind me very much of one of my strongest influences for my final major project that is swedish folklore and tradtion. in particular the colours in the second to last image with the large colourful cape. loving the 70’s-esque shapes of their clothing as always with chloé ( : one thing i wasnt too keen on in this collection was the over use of snake print, cant say ive ever been a big fan of animal print but i guess it works..

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fetching fushias.

started printing some of my drawings large scale on fireproof paper which has a fabricy feel, which will be great for working into with inks, threads, embroidery and beading ( : back to designing today after a week of back to the drawing board (love love loved it!)

ps ..thanks to everyone for your support on my blog, tis lovely to read encouraging comments! my posts are usually just words streamed straight from my mind so its nice to hear that folk appreciate it ( : happy monday!

beguiling begonias.

florals from the birmingham botanical gardens back at the start of march.. i love the natural composition of the flowers and petals from this image. pens used: pilot g-tec 0.4 , muji fineliner 0.38 & uni pin fine line 0.1.

spring hits salford..


teehee ( :


come back mister sunshine ) :

florals of worsley.

lovely weekend filled with some lovely blooms that came out to play in the sunshine ( :

darling dahlias,…

..back to thee drawing board she goes.

anna sui a/w 2011.

always been a big fan of the ms.sui. this collection’s main influences are folklore, fantasy,social history, and nonconformist glamour. the geometric patterning and someof the smock dress shapes remind me of my own collections, love love love the purples and in particular the last two garments ( :