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tree and kimball.

intricate lace jewellery from tree and kimball….. check it at

favourites from menswear a/w 2011

from top to bottom: acne, commes de garcons, issey miyake, moschino & vivienne westwood ( :

matthew williamson pre a/w 2011

sexy new colour palette from mister williamson. loving the shapes and the lengths with the brown opposed to a harsh black.

image reposted from

the colours remind me of the darjeeling limited ( :

love that film


bloemenmarkt amsterdam.

beautiful bloemen ( :

a second helping of amsterdam.

a sneaky last minute decision for a quick trip to holland with my friend hannah. i love how quickly you can be in another country that is so so different to where you were in the morning. admittedly we got very very lost!.. but in the end it was a good thing as we saw lots of lovely things and lovely places that we wouldnt have seen if we knew how to read the ten maps we had with us ( :

more embroidery..

small sections of embroidery from my sample pieces for my last project.. sorry about the fabric ripples! the silk bamboo was dyed/dip dyed with cochineal. this fabric was then kiss cut on a laser cutter then i worked into them with a bit of stitch ( :


a few examples of some practice embroideries from my last project. i really like the simple line stitches with fades into different colours and how they compare to actually filling with the thread. i had not done embroidery since i was a little girl so it was quite fun to get into it again and experiment with different stitches. the colours of threads are from my projects colour pallete. ( :

danielle london.

the cutest mobile phone case i have ever come across ( : danielle makes them all by hand and you can see her other designs on her etsy store at:

this one reminds me of pop tarts that ive been looking for all summer in supermarkets as i wanted to send some to my brother over in sweden to remind him of when we used to get them as a treat when we were little, but no luck! so if anyone sees some please email me!

ivana basilotta.

these gorgeous designs from ivana basilotta are from her fall 2010 collection. ivana is a fashion designer that is dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics. her work was shown at lfw in the esthetica section. she has also been lovely enough to reply to my many questions about her sustainable practice for my dissertation.

see more at