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the textile society


the textile society hosted a conference in leicester which had many interesting talks about sustainability within a textiles and fashion context, innovative new fabrics, and some history of textiles, and natural dyes. the garments and textiles above were from a small exhibition that was part of the event. from top to bottom: a patchwork table cover from the 1830s made from military uniforms,  dr jenny balfour paul: indigo, isabella whitworth: orchil dying, lesley pullen: indonesian textiles, a bamboo suit designed by annette gortz, a top and jacket upcycled by mia nesbit & sophie gorton: rags to riches.

more on the textile society at

groggy fog in hyde

en route to uni a foggy autumn day..

hyde park finds

no need for more words ( :

fireworks sparklers bonfire bbq & vino =

.. a lovely guy fawkes evening ( : on the allotments in peterborough

recycling&upcycling fashion

displayed in kulturen (lund) these garments are put together by recycling materials such as paper, rubber, ribbon, belts, and more. ( :

autumn in lund

a final trip to lund for 2010. kulturen has a great textiles exhibition on as well as the folk and craft section, and lovely glass works. yummy halloween cakes in the supermarket bakery and my work on an ikea lamp in my brother’s study ( :