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manchester craft and design centre.

some sneaky snaps from the manchester craft and design centre.. lots of mini studios with lots of cutesy things to purchase. most of them were shut as they were at the event below (great northern contemporary craft fair). threadbare is a small exhibiition by a talented lady called debbie smyth.

great northern contemporary craft fair.


i visited manchester for the northern contemporary craft fair, which was very informing and visually pleasing. i met a lot of designers that use the same programs as me to make their designs and a lot that don’t use computers at all. it was nice to see that the crafts people are like a community, this particular fair is currently travelling around the country.

above from top to bottom:

oh golly gosh ( april neate ( wagner rug & art creation ( angela davies ( claire knox benthan ( catherine hammerton (

the beginning of autumn in hyde park.


light night in leeds

couple of pics from light night in leeds; empty shops and exhibition spaces open their doors to the public for a chance for

“everyone to come together and celebrate the city, focusing on their shared culture, history and identity”

above the photos are of : bring the happy:invisible flock which was an interactive setting to be run for a 6 week period in which the public are asked to plot on big maps they have made up where they have had their happiest memory in leeds and alongside the maps on the walls are the stories in detail. i thought this was a lovely idea! for everyone to share their merry moments in leeds and perhaps giving people ideas on what to do in their area ( : the 2nd photo is the rayon rose vintage tea party which in essence was an outdoor cafe with vintage accessorries and even bunting! so so cute ( :