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end of the summer in lund

another visit to the lovely city of lund. from top to bottom: botanical gardens, collecting some imagery for my design work. skane craft shop and small gallery space featured some beautiful glass flowers and canvases, and finally the kulturen owned cafe that is run by some lovely old lady volunteers. only open a few sundays a month, this little cafe is like its frozen in time with its cute tins tea sets, and other vintage trinkets.

jude law for christian dior

the actual ads:

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brit insurance design awards.

here are some of my favourites from the exhibition again at the design museum on shad thames in london. from the top we have l-e-d-l-e-d-l-e-d which is designed by dilight. the installation consists of hundreds of bead-shaped leds that sit along parallel horizontal wires that you can move and has an abacus feel to it. i really like this particular piece as it was interactive with the user. the next panda coin collecting installation is designed by jason bruges studio for WWF; in which the charity had asked artists and designers to create new works based on the famous collection boxes. the pandas turn towards you as you move as they have thermal camera above them which is pretty scary with their confrontational stare! this is supposed to make the viewers consider their impact upon the environment! next one down are one off pieces of furniture made by katharina mischer and thomas traxler who call themselves; mischer’traxler. solar energy+special mechanical apparatus+threads+a glue basin = their products on extremely basic terms. for more info please see their website at: the next image of a chair is made from old palettes and crates! simple and completely affordable around the world. designer nina tolstrup has created simple assembly guidelines that can be ordered online for just £10. The next photo with underwear is designed by yves béhar. the label “PACT” is “an underwear brand that blends design and sustainability with support for powerful social and environmental causes” which have lovely surface pattern designs on ( : the next product is called kyoto box which is an oven powered solely by solar power! amazing! costing only £3.50 to make and reaching a top temperature of 80°C this product is a revolution! the inventor is a guy called jon bøhmer who is currently living in kenya, but was born in norway ( : and finally the last image is from the young creative network; they have installed a new lending library to help their local community. the library consists of books, magazines and other specially contributed periodicals that are freely available for loan. ( :

design museum; sustainable futures

the design musuem always has very current and exciting exhibitions on, this one entitled sustainable future. the exhibition is divided into 5 main sections: cities, energy and economies, food, materiality and the creative citizen.

in fashion bit there were several designers that are utilizing sustainable and renewable materials. christopher raeburn created fashionable garments by using unusable parachute silk. miriam ridha has worked with hemp to create these delicate dresses that were frayed around the edges and knotted together to form the seams. miriam also used natural dyes to colour the fabric which creates a great muted natural colour palette.

for more details on the exhibition go to:

robert cary williams

whilst on my work placement at keeler gordon this summer, i was also lucky enough to work with the fabulous robert cary williams. robert was great to work with, i cant really get into what he was working on as it was for k.g but as robert’s unique style goes; its obvious that it involved a lot of recycled materials and beautiful styling! above are some images from roberts work in the past, i am particularly jealous that he has had the gorgeous lily cole modeling his designs for him! i had a weird thing for hers years ago as she is so uniquely beautiful! <3

kat macleod

kat was one of my first favourite fashion illustrators from way back when i was in school.. i love her use of layers, textures, and colours using watercolours, fabrics and paper amongst her designs. kat also illustrates for a blog called michi girl ( and amongst many other things has also illustrated a cute cocktail book i got from new york:

kat now runs a graphic design company called ortolan which can be found at:

magnolia pearl

robin pearl brown is the american designer behind magnolia pearl. her clothes and designs are ott and ott again but somehow it works! check out the jam packed website at: