Monthly Archives: July 2010

ashley delose is ashdel handmade

ashdel is a lovely handmade accessories store on etsy. ashley makes her delightful hair pins, necklaces and earrings from vintage and recycled textiles which i love ( : etsy store:

linn olofsdotter

swedish illustrator linn olofsdotter is based in brazil. her colourful and imaginative illustrations have won the hearts of many clients ranging from phone companies, underwear, and even green peace. check out more of her designs and printed tees on her website: or see her etsy store at

botanical gardens:lund

these botanical gardens were particularly lovely ( : a wide range of unusual flowers. above are some of my favs ( : check out the size of those lily pads! ( :

rune guneriussen

these photos borrowed from the are of rune guneriussen’s enchanting installations:  evolution # 03 & downfall. guneriussen; a conceptual artist born in norway, studied in surrey,uk and now lives in oslo works mostly in nature which i love, the installations are very rarely seen by the public in person, they are photographed to “represent the reality of the installation itself”evolution # 02

check out guneriussen’s other stunning works visit his website at:

bindi booth

bindi booth’s detailed and often collaged illustrations make you want to look more closely and enjoy the thought gone into each piece. i also really like her general theme as believe it or not i am a girl and i like fashion ( : bindi lives down under in oz and says that she gets a lot of inspiration from trawling through antique and vintage shops as well as keeping up to date on fashion trends. check out her lovely website at:

miu miu a/w 2010 <3

beautiful a/w collection from miu miu <3 my favourites are the bottom dress with a deep burgundy/violet/black sheer, and the top photo the lilac dress furthest on the right. yes i have a thing about purple. and the tights! the tights are a beaut that would fit very well in my wardrobe ahem hint ahem ( :

trembled blossom

beautiful video for miuccia prada directed by james lima that i saw at the design museum a couple of years ago. best appreciated on a large screen. <3

columbus road & ryantown

lovely short trip on a sunny sunday to landaan to columbus road. many lovely gift shops down the road and of course the main purpose of the trip was to see one of my favourite paper cutters; rob ryan ‘s shop: ryantown ( :

basso & brooke; adventures on the silk road

short but sweet exhibition from basso & brooke outside and partly inside the design museum in london

vyner st

whilst in london i have discovered through my work placement at keeler gordon that vyner street galleries and studios open their doors the first thursdays of every month to the public. some would say they only attend for the free nibbles and booze but it was a great turnout with a wonderful atmosphere. next time im down london town i will make sure it falls on the first thursday of the month! here are some photos of some of my favourite bits, and trying to capture the atmosphere..unfortunately with a free beer in each hand it was difficult to note down the artists above but great stuffs guy! ps. yummy cheap bbq too! ( :