wycinanki wonderland..


my final designs for my final 2nd year project which i entitled wycinanki wonderland.

this was based on one of the key trends i identified, at the Indigo trade fair in Paris, entitled ‘natural/artificial’, which focused a lot on nature. in developing my theme i drew upon imagery and themes including nature, mini frogs, grasshoppers, dragonflies, butterflies and water lilies & incorporated into this was the idea of wonderland and enchantment. i went about realising my concept by, firstly, exploring trends. i also wanted to link my heritage of polish paper cuts to the project.. i used a combination of methods to come to these final outcomes; i began by drawing by hand and on illustrator. after developing these drawings into designs i then used the laser cutter to produce my very own up to date wycinanki. next i also decided to develop my designs further by adding fills of colour and detail. the colours i have chosen as are selected colours chosen from my photographs i had used for my research and from my drawings.

these designs then proceeded to print onto fabric using the digital printer. by maintaining the original element of the paper cuts throughout my designs i believe the integrity of the tradition was still there, only updated with new technologies and printing processes.


2 responses to “wycinanki wonderland..

  1. Lovely work, Kat! They _should_ hire you to do the Chinese ecological underwear from the Designboom post (http://bit.ly/d2FUwh)! :D

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