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chalk board paint

clever chalk board calendar is one of the amazing uses for a chalk board wall that i would love. as featured in the film 500 (days of summer). found on this website:

indiska <3

indiska is my new love, the first indiska was opening in 1901 in stockholm! by a lady called mathilda hamilton. since then the company has strived and brought to us not only a beautiful range of clothes featuring bright colours, embroidery, eco cottons, and more, but also a lovely home range with great patterns and funky designs. their shops are currently only based in scandinavia ( ) : ) but they also have an online store with some of their collection available to buy. their website is:

lund&malmo 2010

few pics from my first time in sweden visiting my lovely big bro and his lovely fiancee mia!

top pic is malmo where we had a yummy pasta salad packed full of yummyness! 2nd is a pic of me and my big bro who’s photo blogs is linked to the right >>>>>

next is some random beautiful street art. following that is an attempt to take a photo through my pentax (films of which still need developing ) : ) naked juice bar was an amazing mouth watering give me more smoothie! check out their website for their yummy combinations. i had the coco sunshine ( : the next photo is a lovely cafe we went to that is at the end of a jetti ( : and finally some lovely wild flowers believe it or not ( : looking forward to getting arty with these beauts ( :

kulturen: wedding exhibition, self-made, folk art…..

a lot to see! ( : i hope to see the permanent exhibitions again. everything was very interesting and well thought out in terms of layout of the site in seperate houses with some of the houses arranged just like it would have been hundreds of years ago. i particularly loved the ‘self-made’ part being a crafty girl at heart it was nice to see other peoples craftyness.

museum of sketches in lund

a lot of short videos, childrens workshops, experimental work, and old school sketches from 100’s of artists and designers. these are a few of my favourites that i was able to capture.

malmo konsthall presents: pascale marthine tayou

pascale marthine tayou makes his sculputures and large scale installations from a vast range of medias depending on the concept. in this exhibition entitled: always all ways. omne viae malmo ducunt; tayou has used a combination of photography, recycled materials; from both tayou’s native country cameroon and also from general waste products and commercial packaging. short films were also displayed on small screens in the exhibition featuring flows of water from hand made canals, waterfalls, and much more. the final image above is an installation made from plastic carrier bags and to see it involved climbing up a very unsteady set of scaffolding, but i cant say that this wasn’t worth it once seeing this beautiful and unusual piece from above.

wycinanki wonderland..


my final designs for my final 2nd year project which i entitled wycinanki wonderland.

this was based on one of the key trends i identified, at the Indigo trade fair in Paris, entitled ‘natural/artificial’, which focused a lot on nature. in developing my theme i drew upon imagery and themes including nature, mini frogs, grasshoppers, dragonflies, butterflies and water lilies & incorporated into this was the idea of wonderland and enchantment. i went about realising my concept by, firstly, exploring trends. i also wanted to link my heritage of polish paper cuts to the project.. i used a combination of methods to come to these final outcomes; i began by drawing by hand and on illustrator. after developing these drawings into designs i then used the laser cutter to produce my very own up to date wycinanki. next i also decided to develop my designs further by adding fills of colour and detail. the colours i have chosen as are selected colours chosen from my photographs i had used for my research and from my drawings.

these designs then proceeded to print onto fabric using the digital printer. by maintaining the original element of the paper cuts throughout my designs i believe the integrity of the tradition was still there, only updated with new technologies and printing processes.