william morris medley.


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  1. HI, I am designing myself a William Morris tattoo. I love your line drawings here. I assume you’ve taken flowers from different fabrics/prints designed by WM. I can’t identify them all, can you tell me where each flower is taken from? Also, would you mind if I combined your two medleys and had a tattoo of them? In particular I love the flower from chysanthemum but want to incorporate the others too. I eventually want to be covered (to a degree) in William Morris flowers.


    • Hi Jo!
      I’m really sorry I can’t recall which designs each flower is from now, but if you have a look in some William Morris books it shows you flower by flower the designs that he did for each ( : I would love for you to use some of my drawings for a tattoo! I only request a photo please so I can put it on my website? I have a photo on there already of another girlie that had one of my flower drawings tattooed on the back of her shoulder ( : http://www.katspencer.co.uk I love your aim to be covered in William Morris flowers? If you live in the UK you should check out the William Morris society in hammersmith – it’s amazing!

      • I went through all the flowers last night and I have named them all, phew. I will email you some photos when I have my tattoo (the aim is by the end of the year, winter, when its cold and I can cover it up during the healing time). I am in the UK, Gloucestershire. I love William Morris, and was born and raised around his work so I guess its stuck now I am in my 30’s. I will check out the society, thanks. I will keep you updated x

      • Amazing! I can’t wait to see, you may inspire myself to bite the bullet and get one…im a wuss!

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