Monthly Archives: March 2010

tigerprint mood board.

william morris medley.

drawing direction.

line drawings, negative space, negative and positive space, line with colour.

kat’s stars at indigo.

the french design studio Atelierz lzc features sweet fine lined illustrations with bright and vivid colours. most of which revolve around the theme of nature much like my work. their designs help put the use of florals into context, which puts my work into context.

keeler gordon’s designs have a wonderful vintage feel, with nature inspired imagery and super bright brights.

longina phillips is a australian based design studio that also has a very sketchy and linear style which I love.

minakani uses bright colours, the designs are very graphicy and linear which reminds me of my own work.

paper and cloth have very cute illustrations. on their website they state that they “promote each of our designers under their own names because we passionately in promoting talented designers to industry & clients being able to commission specific individuals.” which I think it really nice to know that the designers have their name out their as well as their work.

pattern’s exhibition stand was really inviting and I really liked how they presented their logo and designs.  I like the vintage feel to their designs although they are brought up to date with modern printing processes.

Transfertex had amazing floral prints; they are also hot on the environment using heat transfer printing onto fleece and microfibres rather than on polyester and synthetic fabrics.