Monthly Archives: February 2010

playmobil exhibition at les arts decoratifs

possibly the best exhibition i have ever been to, featuring the house i used to have when i was a little blonde curly haired red and white polka dot dressed girl ( :

10th december 09 – 9th may 10

paris february 10

on returning to paris i realised how much i had missed it. it’s art nouveau influences, the atmosphere and the fashion conscious residents of the city.

pictures in order: walking into indigo and premiere vision, beautiful ceiling at the galleries lafayette (best appreciated large), metro sign art nouveau style, art nouveau table in a cafe, inside the pompidou centre, funny play on words with artist’s names (andy warhol became annie warhol, jackson pollock became jacqueline pollock), some interesting art works from the pompidou, ice rink at night, a cool gallery on champs elysees, bakery in montmatre, me outside cafe des 2 moulins (the cafe from one of my favourite films amelie) and some photos from inside, tube station la motte picquet grenelle which also appears in amelie, a snap of the eiffel tower, the gare du nord train station.

specialist portfolio for indigo

my collection for my specialist portfolio brief. inspiration from photos taken abroad, to drawings, to illustrator, to digitally printing onto fabric. only 8 of our stand’s designs sold at Indigo unfortunately not including mine; although i did manage to impress a London based company who were also exhibiting at Indigo, and they have asked me to do some freelance work with them and hopefully also a work placement ( :

tigerprint for m&s

designs for tigerprint; combinations of illustrator, drawings, and photoshop.