new york city october 09

new york was a very surreal experience. i felt like i had been there before but it was from numerous films and tv programmes in which the big apple is the back drop. it was just so different to anywhere id ever been to before, everything was so big! the skyscrapers, the roads, the chocolate bars!

pictures in order: first visit to times square, the apple shop, the empire state building from the top of rockerfeller centre,a busy grand central station, new york nicks vs boston celtics at madison square gardens, a beautiful flower on the sidewalks, the st.thomas episcopal church on 5th ave against the modern skyscrapers, anthropologie; a very inspirational clothes & home ware shop, a frame from audrey tautou’s new advertisement for chanel, showing on the outside of a department store, a design studio, jeff koons outside the world trade one, colourful origami birds made for the firemen and workers after 9/11 by school children, one of many beautiful cards in kate’s paperie, paper cut window display for halloween at kate’s paperies again, the museum of art&design which has the most amazing and inspiring exhibitions on i’ve ever seen; slash: paper under the knife, and the guggenheim museum which featured the work of wassily kandinsky.


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