baby shower bunting.

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secret 7.

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pick me up 2015.

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liz & andy’s wedding invitations ( :

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party invitation.

whipped up a vintage ticket style invite for a lovely lady at work. page one of two, page two is a medley of photos and a little bit about Scott who’s birthday it is ( :


hotel notre dame saint michel.

dream of a hotel with the notre dame right outside my window <3 designed by Christian Lacroix this boutique hotel is in a great location too.

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1920’s feather hairpiece

one of the fun crafty things i’ve put together for my lovely friend’s hen next weekend:

1920s Feathery Hairpiece(please click to enlarge)

paddington bear.

a lovely little exhibition at the museum of london on the bear himself :D paddington was always a big fave in our house when me and my bro were little, and now that i work in paddington this exhibition was especially nice to see ( :

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personalised frame gift.


katprint mugs.